Vacancy senior consultant

As a Senior Consultant, you are the face of Vasco for the customer and are responsible for your project team’s successful collaboration with the customer. Your several years’ experience mean you are familiar with such project systems as IPMA-D, Prince and/or Agile. It is important that you know how to apply these project systems within different types of organisations and/or projects. You can summarise issues for people quickly, you know how the various lines run within organisations and you know enough about managing a range of different stakeholders. You are characterised by your proactive attitude. You always know how to make improvements and you are quick to see where action needs to be taken. And perhaps the most important thing of all: you don’t just identify what needs to be done - you also know how to take corrective action, which you prefer to do yourself (in conjunction with your team).

Result areas:

  • Analysing, documenting and implementing process and quality improvements 
  • Making processes, progress and successes measurable 
  • Monitoring programme plans and project planning, including making progress and success measurable
  • Ensuring that people working in different departments collaborate with each other
  • Carrying out risk analyses and devising solutions for unusual problems 
  • Responsible for scope, budget and the progress being made and for communicating these to the most important stakeholders
  • Managing and guiding the (Junior and other) Consultants 
  • You are appreciated and acknowledged by your client

Why you should choose Vasco:

  • You will be continuing your career at a small but rapidly growing company that has big plans. In order to always get the best out of ourselves, we are continually professionalising our internal processes at Vasco. In addition, we are now working hard on expanding our services into the Portuguese market. We are all working together as a single team to achieve Vasco’s growth and you too will be given an opportunity to make a valuable contribution to these efforts! 
  • As an experienced Consultant, you will have responsibility for a range of projects at a number of different clients, from major international companies to Dutch start-ups and from companies in the FMCG sector to haulage firms.
  • You will join a diverse team of 40 Consultants made up of ambitious Junior Consultants, expert Consultants and very experienced Programme Managers. You can easily go to any of them to learn from them or just for a cup of coffee and chat. We have an informal and open-minded corporate culture.
  • You will be coached internally by a very experienced programme manager in order to ensure you get even more out of your career with Vasco. He/she will not only teach you all the ins and outs of our profession but can also provide you with proper support at a personal level should you need any.
  • Vasco will always help you to develop further by offering you an extensive training programme that consists of in-house training from our experts and external training modules that can gain you a useful range of certification.
  • We offer good employment conditions, including a long-term contract with competitive salary, a bonus for good performances, an electric car or mobility budget, a laptop and an expense allowance for such things as phone expenses.
  • Has this not been quite enough to convince you? Then we hope that the prospect of attending convivial Vasco social events and trips abroad will give you the final push you need to get you over the line... 

If all this has made you enthusiastic then simply go through the following checklist to see if you are the person we are looking for: 

  • You are good at building up a relationship of trust with both the customer and your project colleagues. 
  • You have between three and eight years of demonstrable project experience.
  • You have good communication skills and are a worthy sparring partner at a range of different levels. 
  • You are presentable, flexible, agile, approachable and straightforward. You are Vasco’s calling card. You let your work and the good results it achieves speak for themselves.  
  • You are proactive and together with us want to keep building up a really cool company.

Do you see a match and would you like to talk to us in order to learn more about Vasco and your new position? Then upload your CV and three reasons why you are a good fit with Vasco (or vice versa) or else send this information to so that we can schedule an initial meeting between you and our Consultants!

Vacancy senior consultant

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