Consultant for a day

We help projects move forward in one day.

Sometimes companies have small issues that do not require a large consultancy project. Or a small organization seeks help, but has neither the expertise nor the budget to find solutions by itself. For such cases Vasco makes a consultant available for one day.

An experienced consultant can help a stalled implementation or solve an IT issue. But also the guidance of a team day or the coaching of a board member is possible. One of our senior consultants or (senior) managers will dedicate one day entirely to the company or organization.

We offer three types of consultants:

  1. The coach: team events, individual coaching;
  2. The project manager: IT implementations, business readiness, process changes, implementation of new products;
  3. The analyst: data specialty, IT issues, problem-management analysis.


Rieneke Lanting

Results-oriented, pragmatic, empathic, enthusiastic, bridge-builder.

Building bridges. Between people, between IT and business, and between customers and companies.