Vacancy manager

As a Manager, you are a specialist in (a number of) methods. In addition, you actively share your knowhow and details of market developments, both in-house, externally and with the network. The customer values your area of expertise and the added value you create for them.

Result areas:

  • Analysing, documenting and implementing process improvements and checks 
  • Ensuring that people working in different departments collaborate with each other
  • Carrying out risk analyses and devising solutions for unusual problems 
  • Devising the project approach, planning and result areas
  • Ensuring knowledge is transferred to customers for both the project in question and for project approaches in general 
  • Responsible for managing, based on scope, budget and the progress being made for multiple projects
  • Sparring partner for the (Senior and other) Consultants
  • Relationship of trust with the customer 

You have at least six years of demonstrable project experience gained at a number of companies. You have good communication skills and you are a worthy sparring partner at a range of levels. You have continued to develop yourself and grow in your career, something shown by the various project management certificates you have been awarded in the recent past. You are a good listener and are able to focus on obtaining solutions.

The following commercial skills apply to you: 
You identify what is needed for Vasco to succeed at the customer. You are able to convert the customer’s needs and wishes into a realistic, summarised quotation that includes plans and schedules. You are able to tell people at events and trade fairs all about Vasco and its vision.

Do you see a match and would you like to talk to us in order to learn more about Vasco and your new position? Then upload your CV and three reasons why you are a good fit with Vasco (or vice versa) or else send this information to so that we can schedule an initial meeting between you and our Consultants!

Vacancy manager

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