Business Improvement

We help to align the customer journey with the business processes in order to increase customer satisfaction and achieve an improvement in the operating result.

In the short term, our approach leads to higher customer and employee satisfaction, greater cost efficiency and an improvement in the operating result. Especially by doing. Focused on the end result, we teach the organisation skills and methods that can ultimately be applied independently. Our method consists of three steps:

  1. Daily management call: We introduce the matters of the day by implementing a company-wide start-of-day with a focus on the operational performance of the organisation: the daily management call. Customer experiences and incidents give rise to improvements. Within eight weeks, the departments involved are accustomed to the new methodology and the transfer can start. After twelve weeks, we complete the transfer and the organisation can continue with it itself.

  2. Quality programme: Problems identified in the daily management call are solved in a quality programme, often in the form of individual projects.We run the quality programme for four months, after which we provide support for another two months.

  3. Structural assurance: Setting up or fine-tuning the service and channel strategy is the final step. Through workshops, we develop this strategy together. Both the daily management call and the quality programme have previously provided relevant input.


Rob Janssen

Focused on ideas, goal-oriented, problem solver, hands-on, team builder.

Develops and implements a devised plan successfully, from strategy to execution.

Rieneke Lanting

Results-oriented, pragmatic, empathic, enthusiastic, bridge-builder.

Building bridges. Between people, between IT and business, and between customers and companies.