General Terms and Conditions

Working with Vasco Consult


Customer Journey: the customer experience the company wants in terms of products, service (processes) and policies.
Quotation: A quotation is a formal offer to reach an agreement, drawn up at the request of one of the company’s potential clients.
Assignment: any written or verbally submitted request by the Client to Vasco Consult in the context of providing and carrying out Services.   
Client: A client is a person who, or a company who, commissions Vasco Consult.
Proposal: Price indication with timelines.

Vasco Consult Core Values

As Vasco Consult, we have stated our knowledge values of honesty and transparency. The same of course applies to our conditions. We are of course always available to receive questions and comments, but to be clear we have created a brief overview of what we can expect from one another as Client and Vasco Consult.

What Vasco Consult does

Vasco Consult’s mission is to improve quality to increase employee involvement and customer satisfaction. Vasco Consult specialises in helping companies improve the quality of their business processes, and in bridging the gap between the processes and the

Customer Journey. To do so, we have developed 3 modules, but based on your request and the type of company, we will work this out in further detail for you in a Custom Proposal.

What our core values mean for you

  • Constant improvement: we focus on Doing Better, in order to prevent problems, finding Better Solutions, to bring the first contact fix to a higher level, and making Better Connections to minimise the information flows between the different layers in the organisation.

  • Transparency: we will communicate openly on the progress of our work with clear reports and progress meetings. We also have a clear cost structure.

  • Teamwork: we believe in close collaboration; this maximises the chance of long-term improvements.

  • Integrity: a good relationship with our customers is of more value to us than profit. We will always tell the truth and be open to feedback.

  • Simple: we have clear conditions and prices, and we have a clear work method. No surprises.

We work with partners

Vasco Consult is a network firm. We work with other companies with clear, specialised knowledge which can benefit us in our work. We always discuss this with our Clients beforehand. Vasco Consult will enter into an Agreement with these partners for an assignment, so that you as a Client only have to enter into an Agreement with one party.

Our team

Quality is our goal, but also our product. Our teams are carefully selected and trained in our work method. In our selection, the focus is on doers and less so on advisers. All teams have clear work experiences that are relevant to our quality programmes.  

Our approach

Vasco Consult has a project-based approach. We work with standard modules, that can be worked out into a more custom module on request. Each programme or assignment always has its own order confirmation. Each assignment is properly described in a debriefing, with clear deliverables, a schedule and a budget. As the Client, you approve these aspects after which we start work together. If a change is required during a programme or assignment, we will discuss this together and work it out. If a schedule proves to be infeasible, or the budget proves to be insufficient, we will indicate as much well in advance. We will then jointly determine further course of action.

Order confirmation/schedule/budget

On every project, Vasco Consult works with order confirmations/budgets/schedules.  Part of confirming the Assignment is the schedule. We highly value our reputation of working exactly within the issued schedule.

Before the programme starts, both Vasco Consult and the Client sign the Project Description and Quotation. Then we start.


Vasco Consult is proud of its Clients. We prefer to list our Clients as a reference on our website. Of course, we will only do so with your permission.


Vasco Consult of course also has financial rules. These are listed on each quotation:

  • a project starts after the Client has agreed to the Quotation and the conditions.

  • Vasco Consult sends its invoices after the fact, once a month.

  • Vasco Consult has a payment term of 21 days; after this term, an interest rate of 6% per month or part of a month will be charged in addition to the legal interest.


We want you to be satisfied. Not only during the assignment, but afterwards as well. Vasco Consult will contact you 3 months later to hear your opinion. We will always keep you up to date on our improvement actions in response to your feedback.


If after Working with Vasco Consult you have any questions, contact Ruben Uppelschoten (Managing Director).