Transformation Management

We help with the realisation of transformations to make a lasting, positive impact inside and outside the organisation. 

Transformation programmes such as system implementations, business integrations and digitisation are required in order to stay relevant and continue to deliver optimal customer experience. Innovations demand a good strategy, but successful implementation is just as important. Vasco helps to realise transformations in three steps: 

  1. Set-up: We set up the programme structure with a focus on governance and reporting, so that we can steer based on facts. In addition, we provide assurance through a business readiness approach, so that the programme is supported by the organisation.

  2. Management: We take the lead and occupy key positions in the programme structure. We work iteratively, deliver value quickly and prepare the organisation for change (business readiness). We show you how to do it, then we do it together, so that you can ultimately do it yourself. This means that no knowledge is lost.

  3. Quality assurance: We conduct periodic assessments of the progress of the programme, the quality and the risks. If necessary, we make proposals for improvement.


Sander van der Toorn

Results-oriented, driven, analytical, creative, critical.

Results by making organisation, data, IT and processes work together.