Vasco Scan

We make concrete proposals for improvement in a short space of time.

There are many issues at organisations. Within two weeks, we are able to make existing wishes and bottlenecks clear in a pragmatic manner, define which issues have priority, and to make concrete proposals for improvement on the basis of our knowledge and skills, tailored entirely to your needs.

The Vasco Scan has three steps: 

  1. Identification: We conduct qualitative and quantitative analyses, conduct interviews, fine-tune business strategy and objectives, map processes and analyse reports. This is how we lay the foundation for proposals for improvement.

  2. Prioritisation: We prioritise by means of an impact analysis of the improvement proposals. This helps you make well thought-out choices on the way to improvement. 

  3. Consultancy: The organisation itself determines which improvement actions can be taken internally, we give advice on the implementation and, if desired, support in the implementation.

Vasco focuses on five specialisms: Project Portfolio Management, Business Improvement, Scale Up, Transformation Management and Grip on Data. After the Vasco Scan, one of these processes can be initiated.


Ruben Uppelschoten

Analytical, results-oriented, hands-on, team player.

Starts defining the solution by management by facts AND by listening to employees.