Vasco's way of working


Do you want to know how your company was doing yesterday? Look at the numbers.
Do you want to know how your business is doing today? Look at your customers.
Do you want to know how your company is performing tomorrow? Look at your employees.

Vasco Consult is a young company founded by experienced professionals from the world of telecoms. We offer a new take on how people and processes can reinforce each other for an optimal customer journey. This is a matter of achieving the correct balance. Between processes and people. Between customer expectations and working efficiently. And between structure and culture. Our services can help to bring young companies to maturity and enable older companies to be rejuvenated.

Vasco Scan

The Vasco Scan is the starting point for any assignment given to Vasco. A team of specialised consultants conducts interviews with people from the various layers of the organisation. We carry out reviews of reports, documents and systems. After a maximum of two weeks, we provide a report detailing our findings and conclusions. This is accompanied by a proposal consisting of concrete steps that can be taken to achieve results and how Vasco could help implement them. Our experience combined with the ability to look at the organisation with fresh eyes and from a different perspective, means we often come up with surprising insights that can enable our customers to make significant progress.

Vasco focuses on five specialisms: Business Improvement, Transformation Management, Agile Transformation, Digital Transformation and Grip on Data. After the Vasco Scan, one of these courses of action can be initiated.

Business Improvement

Business Improvement

Vasco has developed a method for aligning the customer journey with the business processes in a pragmatic and effective manner: Vasco method. The result of this approach is more satisfied customers in the short term and an improvement in operating results. Not by writing long-winded reports, but by taking action. At Vasco we commit to an end result and our aim is to teach our clients skills and methods that they can eventually apply themselves.

The Vasco Method comprises three phases:

1. Daily Management Call (DMC)
What is important on the day. A business-wide start to the day with a focus on operational performance. After 8 weeks this will be working well and the transfer can begin. After 12 weeks we round off this phase, leaving the organisation to keep it going.

2. Quality programme
Problem areas that were exposed in the DMC will be solved in the quality programme. We run the project for 4 months, then take on a guidance role for another 2 months.

3. Strategy
Setting up a new service and channel strategy, and refining the existing strategy. We use workshops to work out the strategy together with the management team.

Transformation Management

Vasco offers expertise in large transformation programs. For example, in the case of system implementations or company integrations. We provide the following three services for this purpose:

1. Design
The design of the programme structure, governance, reporting and deployment plan (business readiness approach). We ensure that the whole approach, including reporting, is standardised.

2. Management
The management of the entire transformation programme. We support the transformation by guiding the Programme Management Office and the business readiness workflow. We take on the roles of Programme Manager, Project Management Officer and Business Readiness Manager. We provide specialist IT knowledge.

3. Quality Assurance
We employ the Vasco Scan methodology. During the programme we carry out several assessments to ascertain how the programme is progressing and assess the quality and the risks.

Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation

Vasco Consult helps companies and organisations to transform into an agile way of working in which the organisation keeps control of the risks. Risks such as planning, budget and scope stay safeguarded.

Agile transformation is a 3-phase process:

1. Designing
The most important question is why as a company you want to make the transformation into agile working. This will enable you to recognise when it is successful. Then we determine the scope - what will or will not be included? - and the approach.

2. Putting into operation
We will get started as soon as we can with a pilot. What does the transformation to agile mean for the organisation, both in terms of structure and culture? We make sure that people are trained so that there is knowledge and skill in the organisation.

3. Optimizing
In this phase, we expand the number of agile teams. We improve the implementation. The functions are adjusted for the new roles.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

A large portion of the transformations guided by Vasco Consult fall into the category of Digital Transformation. In order to guide these transformations even better, we have turned this into a specialism with the corresponding expertise.

Vasco Digital is successfully initiating, implementing and accelerating digital transformations from start to finish. To this end, we focus on businesses that are just starting out with digital initiatives or companies that want current activities to be accelerated.

We implement digital transformation in three steps:

1. Design
Setting up the project and creating a plan. We put together a digital project team. Together we make a project plan and allocate the roles.

2. Implementation
This involves the implementation of the digitisation plan, in which we prepare the departments concerned for the changes. (business readiness)

3. Optimisation
We accelerate those initiatives that are successful and which can be scaled up quickly. We improve the existing processes. Once the improvements have been implemented, we transfer everything to the existing organisation.

Grip on data

Vasco Consult helps companies to get a grip on data. Data is becoming increasingly important to businesses. The quality of processes and the quality of service are heavily dependent on the quality of data. Profits can be realised in many areas:

  • Service
    Know your customer so you can provide more personalized service.

  • Self-service
    In a well-organised my-environment with accurate data the customer

  • Invoicing
    Accurate and complete invoices are important for the customer and the company.

  • Commercial
    Proper and clean data contribute to successful marketing and sales activities..

  • Legal
    Controlling data ensures that you can guarantee the customer's privacy.

Grip on data is achieved in three key steps:

Step 1 – understanding
We carry out a quick scan. Through interviews, a document review and data analyses, we gain an understanding of the data. We provide a practical report with concrete recommendations.

Step 2 - controlling
We go through the business processes, identify measurement points, and implement checks that will enable the customer to control the data. By means of correct governance and management dashboards, the customer obtains control.

Step 3 – exploiting
We introduce employees into the methodology and ensure that they understand it. Employees learn how to apply it themselves. The customer makes use of data for all relevant areas in the best possible way to ensure quality management, cost reduction and commercial success.

Data Competence Center

Data plays a crucial role in the realisation of company objectives. Vasco Consult has developed the Grip on data module in order to make data-driven working possible (link to Grip on data). Grip on data is achieved in three major steps: understanding, controlling and utilising.
What’s more, Vasco Consult helps businesses and other organisations to carry out data analyses, to set up and harmonise fully-fledged reporting systems and to perform data cleaning and data migration. We do this in the following way:

1. Setting up
Setting up a system of data controls, data reporting and dashboards. This relates to both operational data and revenue assurance data.

2. Optimisation
Improving the quality of the reporting system, of specific reports and of the underlying data.  

3. Takeover
We can take over some data activities ourselves, either temporarily or even long-term as a service for our clients.

Our Data Competence Centers are located in Lisbon and Faro, Portugal. Click here to see our team.