Do you want to know how your company was doing yesterday? Look at the numbers.
Do you want to know how your business is doing today? Look at your customers.
Do you want to know how your company is performing tomorrow? Look at your employees.

Vasco Consult is a young company founded by experienced professionals from the telecommunications industry. We offer a new view of how people and processes can reinforce one another for an optimal customer journey. It is all about the right balance. Between processes and people. Between customer expectations and working efficiently. And between structure and culture. With our services, we help young companies mature and make mature companies more youthful.

Vasco Scan

Vasco starts an assignment with the Vasco Scan. A team of specialised consultants holds interviews with people from various layers in the organisation. We review reports, documents and systems. Within 2 weeks, we deliver a report with our findings and conclusions. We also include a proposal with concrete steps that can be taken to achieve results and for how Vasco could possibly help with that process. As we look at the organisation with fresh eyes and from a different perspective, in combination with our experience, we often reach refreshing insights with which our clients can make great progress.

Vasco focuses on two specialties: Business Improvement and Transformation Management. After the Vasco Scan, one of these processes can be started.

Business Improvement

Vasco has developed a method that brings the customer journey in line with the company processes in a pragmatic and effective way: the Vasco Method. On the short term, this method leads to more satisfied clients and improved company results. Not by writing thick reports, but by doing. Vasco commits to a final result and focuses on teaching its client skills and methods they will eventually be able to apply themselves.

The Vasco Method comprises three stages:

1. Daily Management Call
The importance of the daily ritual: A company-wide start to the day with a focus on its operational performance. After 8 weeks, it will work properly and the transfer can start. After 12 weeks, we complete this stage and the organisation can move forward with it.

2. Quality programme
We solve the problem areas that came to light in the DMC in the quality programme. We carry out the project for 4 months. After that, we will provide supervision for another 2 months.

3. Strategy
Setting up a new service and channel strategy and refining the existing strategy. We work out the strategy with the management team, in workshops.

Transformation Management

Vasco offers expertise in major transformation programmes, e.g. in Digital Transformation or the implementation of a new CRM platform. For this, we have the following three services:

1. Set-up
The set-up of the programme structure, the governance, the reports and the deployment plan (business readiness approach). We ensure a standardisation of the approach, including reports.

2. Management
The management of the whole transformation programme. To support the transformation, we lead the Programme Management Office and the business readiness work flow. We assign the roles of Programme Manager, Project Management Officer and Business Readiness Manager. We deliver IT-specialised knowledge.

3. Quality Assurance
We use the methodology of the Vasco Scan. Throughout the programme, we do a few assessments of the progress of the programme, the quality and the risks.