An operational excellence programme to improve both quality and strategy.

Leading IT service provider in the care sector


An IT service provider for customers in the care sector needed to professionalise its operations. By improving operational processes and work procedures, the goals were threefold: to improve customer and employee satisfaction, to get costs under control and to make productivity forecastable.

  • A company-wide daily start was implemented in order to tackle disappointing performances immediately. Focus placed on short-term improvements that also had a long-term benefit.
  • Recurring problematic areas were dealt with agilely by sprint teams. As part of this work, end-to-end-processes were realised, as was the implementation of a reporting system to guide the organisation in the right direction.
  • The organisation’s existing strategy was recalibrated and a new strategy for services and channels was implemented.
  • The implementation of a company-wide daily start, including management based on dashboard-generated reporting, led to improvements in a number of operational KPIs.
  • The incident & change process and associated subprocesses were revamped and developed in detail.
  • A blueprint for future project governance and structure was introduced.
  • The outlines for a new organisational structure were put in place.
Dagmar GeneeEvelien AsschertPieter Vliegenthart