Ons team

Ons team

Ruben Uppelschoten

Analytical, Result-oriented, Hands on, Team-player, co-creation, working hard, have fun in work

Start defining the solution by management by facts AND by listening to employees.

Soccer trainer, Hockey coach and I love reading books.

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Ons team

Theo Boonstra

Customer focus. Solution-oriented. Bringing people together. Open mind. Transparent. 
Pragmatic. Team player. Quality management. Crisis Manager.

Always customer-oriented without losing sight of the company interests
Breaking away from the silo mentality

Boating on Dutch ponds and nature areas

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Ons team

Hein Groeneveld

Doer, Delivery driven, Pragmatic, Creative Solution, Energetic, Transparant, Open minded

Professional doer that dissects complex programs.

Happy camper.

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Ons team

Léon Jansen

Critical. Eager to learn. Analytical. Flexible. Driven. Determined. Convincing. Honest. 

A curious but critical perspective. 
Eye for the overarching picture.

Enthusiastic athlete.

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Ons team

Rob Janssen

Analytical, Tenacious, Idea driven, Goal-oriented, Swift, Problem solver, Hands on, To the point, Team builder
Develop and implement a devised plan successfully.  Define ideas, execute and implement them. Taking control in crisis. Passionate about my work. 
Family man, Culture & nature lover, Car fanatic, Gadget nerd, Motorsports enthusiast, Loves swimming and cycling.

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Ons team

Rieneke Lanting

Solution oriented ,Pragmatic, Clear communicator, Decisive, Structered, Emphatic, Enthusiastic
Involve and commit key players (management to end-users)
Bridging gaps between business, processes & IT
Loves to travel with her family and play sports (field hockey, skiing, running)

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Ons team

Ward Selles

Result-oriented. Analytical. Pragmatic. Helpful. Creative. Tech. Driven. Goal thinker.

Connects to the goal. Business and IT.

Wants to go back to school one day

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