Grip on data

We help organisations understand, manage and use data to achieve business objectives more quickly.

Data is crucial to achieving business objectives. The needs will vary depending on the degree of ‘data maturity’. From simply making things measurable, to bringing together insights measured separately, through to proactive decision-making based on data. Grip on data is achieved in three important steps:

  1. Understanding: We use a quick scan to determine your data needs and data maturity. A useful report with concrete recommendations will answer important questions that determine the starting point of the data project.

  2. Management: Based on your business processes, we determine together where control is needed. The use of data governance, or its improvement, and the use of dashboards create the desired grip.

  3. Harnessing: The resulting grip must be used. We teach you how to interpret and apply data structurally and involve employees in this methodology, so that they learn to do it themselves. In this way, based on data, we can achieve permanent quality improvement, cost reduction and commercial success.


Ruben Uppelschoten

Analytical, results-oriented, hands-on, team player.

Starts defining the solution by management by facts AND by listening to employees.

René Wildöer

Analytical, results-oriented, thinks in terms of solutions, creative, fun.

Driven and experienced analyst that quickly gets to the core of an issue and who can enthuse others towards the solution.