Team Vasco

Vasco's team consists of consultants with different expertise, training and personalities. If you want to be part of our team, go to Working at Vasco for more information.

Vasco General

Inês Cunha

Focused on results, customer-oriented, observer, determined, emphatic.

Committed to the team and always available to help. Focused on developing sustainable and trusting relationships with the customer.

Petra Jongerius

Solution-oriented, creative, structured, enthusiastic, team player, organizational.

Purposefully minded and tackles work efficiently. A service-oriented approach with an eye for details.

Rieneke Lanting

Results-oriented, pragmatic, empathic, enthusiastic, bridge-builder.

Building bridges. Between people, between IT and business, and between customers and companies.

Ruben Uppelschoten

Analytical, results-oriented, hands-on, team player.

Starts defining the solution by management by facts AND by listening to employees.

Kim de Groot

Patient, empathic, honest, motivating, pleasure.

By listening, staying calm and not judging getting to the core together as well and effectively as possible.

Vasco Netherlands

Arjen Krom

Involved, sincere, creative, analytical, dedicated.

Creates order in chaos, gets teams focused and finds ways to work more effectively.

Bas Jansen

Transparent, pragmatic, coaching, on-target, reliable.

Gets things in motion that are stuck and functions as the anchor when results get adrift.

Brigitte Hogenbirk

Customer-oriented, analytical, enthusiastic, pragmatic and helpful.

Driven project manager, improving operations with focus on quality and results.

Cas Derksen

Empathic, calm, strategic, flexible, innovative. 

Driven teamplayer who through co-creation transforms complex challenges into concrete initiatives.

Dagmar Genee

Driven, team player, creative, analytical, solution-oriented. 

Using creativity and a healthy critical eye to come up with solutions to implement together.

Dolf Helsloot

Social, ambitious, helpful, result-oriented, energetic.

Team player who achieves the desired end result with a healthy dose of humour.

Dominique Vis

Authentic, people-oriented, solution-oriented, creative, strategic.

Quickly understand and map the business, processes and people by engaging in dialogue and observation.

Emile di Giulio

Team player, empathic, convincing, flexible, motivator, creative.

Driven to get the best out of people to reach a common goal.

Emilia Andreini

Results-oriented, pragmatic, analytical, structured, involved, sincere.

Motivated project manager, gets to the core quickly and builds bridges between the business, IT and processes. By communicating in a clear manner she makes sure everyone is headed towards the same direction.

Eva Bancsi

Dedicated, eager to learn, flexible, helpful, cordial.

Staying critical, having fun and working in a structured way while keeping the people and the goal as the main focus and creating synergy.

Eva van der Lugt

Quality-oriented, committed, proactive, people-oriented, critical.

Driven to contribute to success through critical thinking and effective communication.

Evelien Asschert

Proactive, decisive, operationally strong, convincing, go-getter.

A team player who builds important bridges between business, processes and people.

Floris Kruijdenberg

Team player, creative, results-oriented, empathic, eager to learn.

Enthusiastic, critical thinker who finds efficient and sustainable solutions through collaboration.

Harm Voet

Analytic, connector, problem-solver, organized, social.

An involved teamplayer who connects people and know-how to work together to the desired goal.

Hein Groeneveld

Doer, pragmatic, creative solution, energetic, transparant.

Professional doer that dissects complex programs.

Jeroen Severs

Reliable, empathetic, eager to learn, customer-oriented, entrepreneurial.

With a critical eye, examining where and how things can be done better to reach the right solution together with the customer.

João Ricardo

Results-driven, creative, ambitious, connector, energetic.

Always focused on finding ways to work more efficiently and improve business together.

Juelan Kromhout

People-oriented, no-nonsense, loyal, energetic, consistent.

With great energy and passion, guiding organisations in implementing sustainable improvements. 

Kas van de Straat

Team player, enthusiastic, empathic, results-oriented, practical.

A driven teamplayer who achieves the right solution through collaboration and critical thinking.

Léon Jansen

Analytical, energetic, eager to learn, driven, persuasive.

With an innovative and critical eye, analyse complex issues and translate them into clear solutions, with an eye for the overall picture. 

Luuk de Vendt

Strategic, creative, connector, empathetic, ambitious, customer-oriented.

Determine the strategy, manage a whole team performance and always keep a clear overview.

Maarten Stramrood

Strategic, entrepreneur, result-focused, creative spirit, data-driven.

Experienced builder who likes to set up new initiatives or quickly pivot things.

Marijn Jonkhart

Curious, creative, connective, analytical, honest.

Critical thinker who gets to the core quickly by asking pointed questions.

Michiel Andriessen

Reliable, solution-oriented, no-nonsense, social, energetic.

Critical thinker who achieves successful change by bringing data and people into harmony.

Nick Versteegt

Results-oriented, entrepreneurial, team player, involved, analytical.

A passionate doer who, with a creative view, reduces complex issues to the essence and translates them into action. 

Nicolas Loubser

Goal-oriented, analytical, data-driven, transparent, team player.

Ensuring the right foundations to create value for companies, their partners and customers.

Pieter Vliegenthart

Results-oriented, analytical, data-driven, committed, social.

Experienced in translating complex strategic issues into practical executable work so that objectives are achieved.

Raoul Bouchrit

Driven, people-oriented, customer-oriented, entrepreneurial, communicative.

A creative problem solver with an interest in the application of innovative technology.

René Wildöer

Analytical, results-oriented, thinks in terms of solutions, creative, fun.

Driven and experienced analyst that quickly gets to the core of an issue and who can enthuse others towards the solution.

Ricardo Heijmans

Inquisitive, pragmatic, enterprising , social, humorous.

Working together to design creative and practical solutions, in order to take the relationship between company and customer to the next level.

Rob Janssen

Focused on ideas, goal-oriented, problem solver, hands-on, team builder.

Develops and implements a devised plan successfully, from strategy to execution.

Roger op het Veld

Conceptual thinking, entrepreneurship, organizing, analytical, eager to learn.

Someone who tackles projects with a lot of energy, adopts an analytical attitude and is not afraid of creative input.

Sabine van Velsen

Customer-oriented, data-driven, connecting, energetic, innovative.

Builds sustainable customer relationships, builds powerful teams and makes the translation from strategy to implementation together.


Sander van der Toorn

Results-oriented, driven, analytical, creative, critical.

Results by making organisation, data, IT and processes work together.

Thijs van Herwaarden

Analytical, solution-oriented, team player, enthusiastic, sincere.

Knows how to get to the core through sharp analysis and achieve results in a practical and enthusiastic manner.

Ward Selles

Results-oriented, analytical, pragmatic, helpful, creative.

Connects to the results. Business and IT, to create value for customers.

Wesley van Leeuwen

Connector, analytical, results-oriented, focus on quality, creative.

Driven team player with a practical approach in bringing solutions for business and IT.

Wianka van Dorp

Goal-oriented, emphatic, purposeful, organisationally-sensitive and trusting.

From strategy to implementation focused on tangible results, always putting people at the heart of change.

Vasco Portugal

Eduardo Passos

Enthusiastic, passionate about innovations, creative, eager to learn, team player.

Believes in teamwork and unites people to reach the best results collectively. Looks for creative and efficient solutions.

Filipe Sousa

Analytical, focused, eager to learn, problem solver, self-motivated. 

Passionate about technology. Constantly seeks new challenges and driven by an analytical mind. Seeks to provide the best solutions. 

Gabriel Gomes

Enthusiastic, problem solver, analytical, curious, team player.

Interested in creating smart solutions for long-term use and helping companies extract maximum value from data.

Guilherme Mendes

Customer focus, analytical, team commitment, motivated, continuous learning.

A problem solver by core. Eager to enable companies to leverage their data while supporting initiatives through leadership and end-goal result focus.

Joana Pimenta

Organized, focused, hardworking person, results-oriented, pragmatic.

Results-oriented and based on work experience and skills able to understand and oversee the desired end state versus the current situation.

Margarida Constantino

Open-minded, focused, meticulous, eager to learn, helpful.

Not afraid to ask the difficult questions and learn from mistakes and experiences. Eager to help improve business perspectives through data.

Maria Araujo

Problem solver, inquisitive, analytical, determined, self-motivated.

Always eager for new challenges. Focused on providing the best solution to the customer.

Nuno Prata

Creative, eye for detail, curious, focused, likes challenges.

Passionate about technology, business and economics. Entrepreneur by nature. Focused on delivering the best result to the customer with dedication.

Rita Sequeira

Creative, innovative, proactive, communicative, open-minded.

Passionate about innovation and technology. Combines analytical thinking with communication to develop impactful strategic solutions.

Sandro Novo

Analytical, empathic, intellectually curious, out of the box thinker, likes challenges.

Loves to think outside the box to solve complex challenges, using his natural curiosity and analytical capabilities. 

Victor Lucena

Curious, analytical, helpful, eager to learn, listener.

Real-world, data-driven solutions using powerful, valuable, high-impact visualizations and impact analytics.