Working together to get a firmer grip on the data

We all collect data. But how do you get the most out of the data? The first step is to understand what the data is telling you and then to master it and utilise it. Only by doing these things in this order can your customer benefit. It’s a complex process, because it’s one that combines technical aspects and people processes. Datamo and Vasco Consult know from experience the value of combining these two elements. In its role as a specialist, Datamo helps its customers to bring order to their data environment, to analyse data and to visualise information. Vasco Consult works with the customer to give structure to the latter’s internal business processes, in order to create the ultimate customer experience. Both parties now combine their specialisations to give the customer a firmer grip on the data. Together, we understand, we master and we utilise the data. Together we make it simple.

The choices that a business makes are designed to give the end-customer what he wants. To succeed in this, businesses collect very large volumes of data, as after all knowledge is power. Where things often go wrong is that the technical aspects are approached separately from the internal, people processes and the organisational structures. However, these are in fact related aspects: people at the front end decide which data will be generated, with other people within the organisation interpreting this same data at the back end.  Both processes greatly affect each other, which is why they have to be coordinated with each other. It doesn’t work if processes aren’t attuned to each other.

The company wants to runs its business efficiently so that the end-customer is given the best possible experience. It is also a known fact that doing business efficiently delivers commercial benefits. Businesses try to continually improve each business unit and to coordinate processes with each other. They seek growth through the joint improvement of different business units. René Kuster, Datamo director: ‘In most cases, focussing on the data alone only leads to a one-off improvement. However, if you improve the underlying processes and structures as well, you can achieve a lot more in just a short period of time.’ These collaborative benefits are something that Datamo and Vasco Consult have already seen first-hand for themselves. Ruben Uppelschoten, Vasco Consult director, says: ‘The quality of the processes and the service are very dependent on the quality of the data. Our customers certainly understand this, which is why we use process checks to help a range of companies to get a firmer grip on their data. This joint effort has allowed us to expand our services to include data analysis and data cleaning, along with its systematic maintenance in a BI environment.’ Kuster: ‘Vasco and Datamo can provide you with a live stream of your business instead of a mere snapshot, so now you always know the state of your business, thanks to the up-to-date, accurate data you receive.’

Datamo and Vasco Consult combine their specialisations, both for and with the customer. Together, we can get a firmer grip on the data. Together we make it simple.

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