Our way of working

Your business seems to be doing well. All signals are green. Recently, you have professionalised the internal organisation. Various teams with specific tasks have been set up to work even more efficiently and their performance has been made measurable. All KPIs are exceeded. But somewhere it is not right; your customers are not satisfied with the service and staff turnover is high. What is going on? More importantly, how do you turn the tide? How do you increase customer satisfaction? How do you give your employees back their job satisfaction? And are you ready for further growth?

A client (turnover 45 million, 500 employees) was struggling with the above challenges and knocked on Vasco Consult's door.

As with our other services, in Business Improvement we deliver tailor-made services according to the wishes of our clients. In doing so, our working method is always the same; a clear 3-step approach: 
We show you how. We do it together. We hand it over.

For the client of this case, we operate the same way.

Together with management, we first set the goals: higher customer satisfaction, higher employee satisfaction and being ready to grow further efficiently. That sounds great, but what are you going to do to achieve these goals? And above all, what will you stop doing? To answer those questions, the focus must be outward. The customer must become the focus again. In the approach, it is then important to understand the customer-related business processes.

We do it step by step. We have the various customer departments of the organisation go through the current state of affairs together on a daily basis. What did yesterday's day look like, what is going on today, what are you running into and where do you need help? This Daily Management Call provides insight into what is going on daily across departments and where operations can be optimised. Small improvements that can be implemented immediately are addressed on the same day. Think: adjusting the call-out script for telephone intakes, a clarification on the invoice or adjusting a work instruction. We collect the larger improvement initiatives on a central list, prioritise them according to added value and required capacity, and realise them agile by means of sprints.

Besides this internal focus, aimed at improving the organisation, it is essential to look at the customer experience. Together with the departments involved and the customers, we scrutinise the customer-related processes.

For the client, this process-oriented approach yields many useful insights. It turns out that customers have to wait a long time for incidents to be resolved, while the SLAs and KPIs are green. Not surprisingly, customer satisfaction is under pressure. We also learn that processes have become complex and inefficient. By redesigning the process together with the employees of the various departments, efficient working methods are created that also positively influence employees' work happiness.

During the six-month period, we helped the client set clear goals. We got the departments working together optimally and introduced more customer focus. Together, we made key processes transparent, measurable, and better. Moreover, the process-oriented approach of business improvement was embraced and incorporated into the organisation. By applying focus, doing the right things, and explicitly not doing some things, the client is ready to grow further, and it is time for Vasco Consult to completely hand over.

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