World Social Media Day - June 30th

Social Media Day. Established in 2010 by a company that owes its existence to online services and a moment every year to reflect on the impact social media has on our communication. For a long time, I thought social media was mostly important for sharing the best and coolest private moments, but now I know that socials are also crucial for continuing to grow as a company. Potential clients always look at what we have published on LinkedIn. Applicants visit our Insta to see what extra activities we are doing. 

Vasco Consult has been around for almost six years and since last year has also had an expansion in Portugal. I am proud to say that we are still a growing company in terms of turnover, number of clients and number of employees. As fun as this is, it also has challenges. How do you get new employees in a tight labour market? How do you get new customers? And if we manage to reach our target audience, how do we make sure we fit together?

Our visibility on social is important for our reach. We want to be found well and quickly on the internet and make the Vasco brand big. But not only that: we want to show who we are, what we do and how we do it. And I think that's actually the most important thing, that we post relevant content. The Vasco brand stands for something. It stands for our values, and we want to show them. When people find us, I want them to see the real Vasco. 

Together we make it simple, we say. And we mean it. We don't need to show off how good, responsible or diverse we are. Corporate social responsibility is what we do, we don't need to show that. We just tell our Vasco story, without embellishment.

Of course, there is the chance that these words confirm just the opposite, but then let me reassure the reader. I read paper books, listen to Bob Dylan and still send the occasional post card. I like old-fashioned authenticity. Sure, For the times they are a changin' Bob once sang, and I have embraced social media, but our strength and what Vasco is, we are not going to change. The impact of social media? That we can show as many people as possible who we are.

Ruben Uppelschoten CEO Vasco Consult

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