Scale Up

We help to get the strategy, structure and data in order to achieve further professionalisation of the organisation and the resulting growth.

In order to continue to grow as a scale-up, the organisation needs to be professionalised. To ensure commercial growth, it is an important prerequisite to have the strategy, structure and data in order. Vasco helps organisations to achieve economies of scale. We do this in three steps:

  1. Strategy: We help to clarify and elaborate the organisational strategy properly. We include the required developments in the roadmap.

  2. Structure: We map out the current organisation by analysing the structure, processes and governance. We then outline the desired organisation and help to implement it.

  3. Data: We help to understand the available data and show what desired data can mean. We help you manage data with clear dashboards. Finally, we ensure that employees themselves learn to use these data, for example, quality improvement or cost reduction.


Ruben Uppelschoten

Analytical, results-oriented, hands-on, team player.

Starts defining the solution by management by facts AND by listening to employees.

Rieneke Lanting

Results-oriented, pragmatic, empathic, enthusiastic, bridge-builder.

Building bridges. Between people, between IT and business, and between customers and companies.