Getting the data quality in order

Telecom organisation


A Telecom operator wants to work towards a data-driven organisation with a high degree of digitisation. Due to limited system integrations, excessively free systems and pollution of historical data, data quality is a bottleneck in this ambition. The organisation has been working to change this for several years, but with too little result so that ambitions are not met.

  • By means of the Vasco Scan, we identified the current data quality issues.

  • The insights obtained defined an approach: a combination of metadata management, data quality dashboards, data cleansing (via scripts and manually) and organisational embedding.

  • This approach was subsequently elaborated and implemented.

  • Data quality percentages have improved from around 82% to 95% within six months.

  • In order to make the ambition of digitisation and data-driven work possible, the ambition has been further increased and, in an operationally guaranteed process, further increased to 99% in one and a half years.

  • For the implementation of new IT systems, it has been agreed to migrate only at 100% data quality. The necessary data cleaning actions are therefore included as part of the migration batches.

  • Data quality is now a must-have KPI within the organisation’s business processes.

Data quality
Dolf HelslootRené Wildöer