Re-establishing a digital transformation programme

Global player in the FMCG market


A global player in the FMCG market has asked Vasco to evaluate its most important programme: the digital transformation strategy. The strategy is to digitise the relationship with end customers, allowing account managers to make fewer customer visits, without compromising the sustainability of the customer relationship. This will give them time to generate new sales and be more cost-effective.

  • Vasco has started performing the Vasco Scan by reviewing documents, conducting interviews and examining the current status of the programme.

  • The 72 countries that had to transfer to the new environment were given a self-assessment to elaborate and present in workshops to the central project team. This assessment has created a better and more complete picture of what is needed to make the project successful.

  • Workshops were supervised by business units from countries that had already completed the presentation of their division. In this way, important knowledge has been transferred.

  • Under the leadership of Vasco, the entire programme structure has been reorganised, including governance. 

  • The management reports have been redesigned, giving the management better insight into the progress of the project, the planning and the budget.

  • A new structure for the workshops has been proposed and implemented. Vasco led the workshops in the Netherlands and Spain, after which this task was transferred to the organisation itself. Countries help each other in the workshops. The total turnaround time for new assessments has been shortened by six months as a result of the new design.

Ruben UppelschotenWard Selles