The identification and optimisation of existing IT, processes and customer experience

One of the biggest all-in-one providers of the Netherlands


The client has carried out many projects that have caused numerous disruptions at customers. As a result, but also because quality improvement is not tackled integrally, customer satisfaction has fallen considerably. More consideration could be given to the service strategy, the client’s structure and improving team performance.

  • A quality programme including a daily management call has been initiated; a company-wide start of day with a focus on customer experience in order to get a grip on daily performance and incidents.
  • The existing IT, processes and customer experiences have been identified and improved in an accelerator programme.
  • A new service and channel strategy has been drawn up, as well as a multi-year plan for growth.
  • Halving of the number of calls from new customers in the first 90 days of the customer relationship and a reduction of the product-related calls by more than 25%.
  • Development of a strategy house, a service and channel strategy, and KPIs to assist with management.
  • Designing new governance for the entire company and setting up an entirely new company structure. 
Customer experience
Dolf HelslootGert Jan OelderikRob Janssen