The realisation of a future-proof workplace concept for Europe’s biggest harbour

Large ICT provider


The client has won a tender for the biggest harbour of Europe to realise a future-proof workplace concept, taking account of various user groups and extremely high demands regarding information security and service. The harbour is a large and critical client, and after a difficult start, this demands firm project, programme and stakeholder management.

  • Because the project had not gone properly for some time before we started, we first of all put the basics in order: The project planning has been recalibrated, the workflows and required deliverables within the project have been defined and the required project/programme organisation has been set up.
  • Once we had achieved this basis, we defined a mode for internal and external coordination, which resulted, among other things, in the design of the future service organisation and processes.
  • As the rollout was to take place during the pandemic, we made a meticulous preparation and detailed how they could keep on working hybrid after the pandemic as well.
  • The cooperation gave a huge boost.
  • After recalibrating the planning, delivered within the time and budget.
  • About 1,800 employees provided with a new workplace.
  • High user satisfaction, an 8+ for the migration and a 9 for the service experience.
Customer experience