ERP implementation and associated data migration

Internationally operating software company


The customer was a major software company that used an international cloud-based banking platform (SaaS) to focus on driving financial innovation. Centralisation and the company’s flotation meant that a number of different systems had to be migrated to a single central system, with the goal of transferring all the entities to the central ERP system, with the latter then to be used as the single source of truth.

  • Setup: in order to ensure that the migration to the new set-up proceeded smoothly, the programme structure and the digital landscape were properly organised.
  • Management: in addition to temporarily taking over a range of roles within the company, the crucial specialised IT knowhow needed for the system implementation and the data migration was delivered.
  • Quality assurance: during the programme, the progress made on dealing with implementation, the identified risks and the acceptance within the company were continually assessed.
  • A successful ERP implementation.
  • Data migration from eight local accounting systems to a single central system.
  • All existing invoices transferred to the new ERP system and matched with their contracts.
  • Along with the migration, IFRS was implemented as the new accounting method.
Financial services
Dolf HelslootWard Selles